Creative, persuasive and tenacious ...

       We understand what's at stake when individuals or corporations
face serious allegations and prosecution.

       As litigators and consultants, we're recognized for adroit tactics,
professional integrity, and calm judgment, in the spotlight and behind the
scenes. Our history allows us to obtain exceptional outcomes in regulatory
and criminal investigations, before professional licensing boards, during
negotiations and in tribunals and courtrooms of all varieties. Together,
we have the respect of peers, judges and adversaries for outmaneuvering
the toughest challenges.

       We listen carefully to our clients' priorities. We know and appreciate
how much reputation matters - in local communities, in business and in
the professional world. We look for solutions that protect not only life and
liberty but happiness and prosperity, too. We understand what matters.

... shrewd, confident and tactful.

Just what you need when the stakes are highest.




Kristen L. Winemiller, Partner
Lisa A. Maxfield, Partner



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